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The Story Begins....

Just Simply Hair

This amazing journey started a few years ago when I was trying to work with natural ingredients. I desperately wanted to save my daughter who was suffering from alopecia, regain her confidence after losing a large portion of her hair. After achieving success with her (and myself who also suffered from alopecia), I wanted to share these incredible products with my friends and family. Women and Men.


Helping restore Edges, Hairlines & Beards has become a complete passion.

As a passionate health conscience person, I dived deeper into studies. I've Became Certified in Hair Science, in addition to becoming a nutrition and  health coach (all in the name of hair) was a natural move.  As a company, we want to ensure our customers not only receive a great product but to overall be involved in a healthy lifestyle to maintain long, healthy, beautiful hair and powerful, stand out, vigorous beards. #longhairgang #strongbeardgang
- Shakesia, xoxoxox