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5 Tips To Grow

5 Tips To Grow "Your Beard Better"

May 22, 2018 0 Comments

5 Tips To Grow "Your Beard Better"
The quest to grow the most epic beard has been a quest for a number of men. 
This guide will give you a few pointers to help grow your beard with the highest potential. 
Keep in mind: Studies shows depending on genetics it can take any where between 2 months and 6 months to see your beard growing. The key is to have patience and stay committed to the process.
Are you ready? Let's Begin!
Nutrition is a key component and factor in your beard growing. One nutritional factor is getting enough protein in our diets. Hair is made of a tough protein called keratin.  Protein is needed by every cell of your body. Without an adequate amount of protein in our body, the cells in the body will not work efficiently and your beard will have difficult time making new hair. 
Try Eating a couple of servings of fish, chicken or other lean sources of protein every day (3-4 ounces)
If you are following a vegan lifestyle try Lentils, Oatmeal, Green Peas, Tofu, and/or Black
Beans. Each one is a great source of protein.

                                                             2. Facial Massage
 Adding a facial massage to your regimen is beneficial, not only to release tension but to help stimulate blood circulation. This procedure involves kneading and rubbing soft tissues to create a calming effect and to increase the flow of the blood specifically on your face. With proper blood circulation, the hair follicles are fed with an adequate amount of nutrients and oxygen, promoting optimum follicle functioning.
3. Your Better Beard Oil
It is important to add a Beard Oil in your regimen to help in your process. A good beard oil will moisturize your hair, skin and nourish your follicles. Use  a great beard oil while you massage as well. "Your Beard Better" products are great solutions to keep your beard moisturized and keep your follicles stimulated and growing. 
4. Hydration
Hydration: Did you know your body is composed of 80% water? Without water, the human body cannot survive. Water is essential for your beard health. Water keeps your hair well hydrated and helps in the proper growth of your beard. If your hair follicles lack water your hair may become dry, brittle and prohibit growth.
Remember: Everyday we lose water through our everyday functions: which includes perspiration and using the restroom. It is important we replemish our body by drinking water throughout the day. Preferably 8 glasses per day.
                                                                       5. Important Vitamins
Vitamins- Thankfully, the foods that are consumed supplies and adequate amount of vitamins. However adding a multivitamin will help your beard grow faster. Look for multivitamins that supply the following vitamins: 
Vitamin B's are not only good  for your hair, it is great for your nails and skin as well! This family of vitamins are great in converting our food into fuel which results in possible hair growth! Fear Not! Don't get confused on which B vitamin you should take. In doubt, look for a B-Complex Vitamin. The B - Complex Vitamin will provide all of the B family members in one.
 Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps build tissue and repair damage to follicles. This vitamin also reduces inflammation you may experience and encourage healthy hair to grow.
Vitamin C
Plays a vital role in absorbing iron, aids in cellular repair and helps produce collagen. To break down collagen: Collagen is responsible for giving hair its strength.
No Hair list would be complete without adding Biotin! If you want longer stronger hair, don't forget your Biotin (B7) . Biotin helps keep not only your hair healthy and strong, this B vitamin also keeps your nervous system, nails and skin healthy as well. This vitamin must be present in order to convert nutrients into body energy. Although Biotin is a part of the B vitamin family.  I strongly believe Biotin should have its on special place in your cabinet.
When in doubt on which vitamin to use - go for a multivitamin that contain these vitamins.

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